Energy Essentials

2016 - 2021

The energy transition is rapidly changing the energy market. Energy processes are becoming more complex and the amount of available data is increasing explosively. The digital transaction platform VERTEX enables market parties to facilitate the transition within the energy market and set up complex processes. Grip and insights on data and the system’s performance are highly valued among the development of VERTEX.

I was concepting & designing at Energy Essentials on projects at the forefront of the energy industry. I took care of the UI design of Vertex (a web-based enterprise solution), and I support the front-end development- and test team.


Process & Activities

I worked on various tasks during a sprint in an agile team at Energy Essentials. Depending on the size of the projects I work on:

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Planning & Scope Definition

I did preparatory sprint work and supported the product owner with creating issues and user stories. I evangelize customer goals and balanced business goals with the product owner to translate the wishes into designs which are evaluated internally with development and business and then converted into a proof of concept for testing by users. During the test phase there feedback is collected and included in the refinement of the design.

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User research

To gain knowledge about users and stakeholders I use interactive (online) workshops to find the core problems and user needs in a pragmatic and hands-on way answering questions like: "Which data, for which user, he or she needs on what moment while using the application?".

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Design & Development

I am a teamplayer who works closely with our business consultants and development to properly realize concepts. I design beyond CRUD interfaces, work on dashboard designs and managed a component library to get a better grip on consistency and development of the application. Moreover, I occasionally supported the front-end and the test-team to gain additional insights to improve the design or UI.

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Explorative and reflective

I am not afraid to try out or to apply different design methodologies. For example to co-create with users to define their needs for actionable dashboards. In addition, I am familiar with working in a scrum team. I often took care of the retrospective, where we looked back at the sprints and reflected within the team about 'what went well', 'what we can improve next time' and ‘how to put this into action’.

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