As a designer, I want to use my knowledge, expertise, creativity and curiosity for new things, cultures and human behavior; to gain new insights and ideas to solve problems or to create new opportunities. I am a designer with an open attitude that immerses himself into the target group, listens to them, and translates knowledge and expertise to an efficient solution and design.

Things that give me energy and put a smile on my face:

  • Connecting, involving, discussing and triggering enthusiasm among the team, stakeholders and end-users to stimulate openness about concepts and designs.
  • Exploring and prototyping
  • A satisfied customer and even more satisfied end-users
  • Going on an adventure - like going out into the world and capturing its beauty and weirdness.
  • (board)Games and good companionship
  • Tasty food 🥡

Does your project needs some UX sprinkles?

My availabilty might be tricky because of my job. Hence, I don't mind working in my spare time when a project is fun and gives me energy 😊

Do you want to know more about me or my previous projects?
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